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Our commitment to excellence and over two decades of consulting experience have allowed us to develop a diverse portfolio of services designed to address your unique business needs. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, secure financing, manage your finances, or elevate customer support, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Explore our array of services below and find the solutions that will drive your business towards success.

Business Optimization Services

Business optimization services for small and midsize companies refer to a range of strategies and practices aimed at enhancing their operational efficiency and productivity. These services encompass the implementation of control procedures, monitoring systems, and cost efficiency processes utilizing an agile methodology.

Control Procedures:

This entails establishing well-defined protocols, policies, and guidelines to streamline various business operations. By implementing control procedures, companies can effectively manage and standardize processes, reduce errors, improve quality assurance, ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, and minimize risks.

Monitoring Systems:

This involves the utilization of advanced tools, technologies, and software applications to track, analyze, and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational metrics. By closely monitoring their performance, companies can rapidly identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. This enables timely decision-making, process optimization, and the ability to address potential issues before they escalate.

Cost Efficiency Processes:

These services focus on identifying and reducing unnecessary expenses, minimizing waste, and enhancing resource allocation practices. By conducting thorough cost analyses and implementing cost optimization strategies, businesses can enhance their financial sustainability, improve profit margins, and make informed budgeting decisions.

Agile Methodology:

Business optimization services leverage the Agile methodology, which emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement. This approach promotes iterative problem-solving, regular feedback loops, and incremental adjustments, allowing companies to quickly respond to changing market demands and optimize their operations in a dynamic environment.

Commercial loan application review and consultation

Our commercial loan application review/consultation service is tailored for companies seeking financial assistance through a loan. We offer a comprehensive package that includes a detailed review of your loan application, expert guidance in completing the application, and a comprehensive analysis of the equipment and products needed for financing.

Our team of experienced consultants will carefully review your financial statements, credit history, and other relevant documents to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your loan application. We will identify any discrepancies or issues and provide guidance on how to address them effectively, maximizing your chances of loan approval.

In addition to assisting with the application itself, our service includes a thorough analysis of the equipment or products that you plan to finance. We will evaluate the associated costs, benefits, and potential risks, ensuring that you are well-informed before making any financial commitments.

To support your loan application, we will prepare a detailed forecasting report that assesses your business’s financial projections. This report will consider various factors, such as market conditions, sales forecasts, and cash flow projections, providing a realistic outlook of your financial future and enhancing your credibility with potential lenders.

Furthermore, we understand the significance of local connections, particularly in Puerto Rico and the US. As part of our service, we offer assistance in identifying and connecting with key local lenders who are more likely to provide favorable loan terms and meet your specific needs. Our extensive network and knowledge will help you navigate through the lending landscape and secure the most suitable financing options.

With our commercial loan application review/consultation service, consulting companies can benefit from our expertise and support throughout the loan application process. By ensuring the accuracy of your application, providing thorough equipment/product analysis, preparing comprehensive forecasting reports, and assisting with local lender connections, we aim to help you successfully obtain the financing you need to fuel your business’s growth and success.

CPA services

Our consulting company offers comprehensive CPA services specifically tailored for businesses in Puerto Rico. With a team of local CPAs who possess in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing laws and regulations in PR, we are well-positioned to assist businesses in navigating the complex financial landscape of the region.

One of our key services is business valuation, wherein our experienced CPAs conduct a thorough analysis of your business to determine its value. Drawing from their expertise in financial record analysis, asset and liability assessment, market conditions, and other relevant factors, our CPAs provide accurate and reliable business valuations. This information is invaluable for various strategic purposes, including mergers and acquisitions, sales or purchases of businesses, funding negotiations, tax planning, and succession planning.

In addition to business valuation, our team of local CPAs offers a wide range of financial and accounting services to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in Puerto Rico. These services include:

1. Financial Statement Review

Our CPAs assist in preparing and analyzing financial statements, ensuring accurate and compliant reporting.

2. Tax Planning and Compliance

Leveraging their expertise in Puerto Rico’s unique tax laws and regulations, our CPAs help businesses optimize their tax strategies, ensure compliance, and maximize tax benefits.

3. Accounting Services

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping services, managing transactions, reconciling bank statements, and generating financial reports that give you valuable insights into your business’s financial health.

4. Auditing Services

Our CPAs conduct financial audits to provide assurance on the accuracy and reliability of your financial statements, enhancing transparency and trust among stakeholders.

5. Payroll Services

We offer streamlined payroll processing, ensuring accurate calculations of employee taxes, compliance with local labor regulations, and preparation of payroll reports.

6. Advisory Services

Our team provides strategic financial advice, budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis to support your decision-making process, manage risks, and improve overall business performance.
By choosing our consulting company’s CPA services, you can rest assured that you have a team of local experts who understand the intricate laws and regulations in Puerto Rico. We are dedicated to helping your business comply with regulations, mitigate legal risks, and optimize your financial strategies, all to drive growth and achieve success.

Third-party contact center services

Third-party contact center services refer to outsourcing customer interaction and support activities to a specialized company. In this case, the services are specifically provided for businesses in Puerto Rico and are handled by bilingual representatives located in various parts of Latin America and the United States. These representatives possess fluency in both English and Spanish, enabling effective communication with customers from diverse backgrounds.

The contact center is equipped to handle the demands of businesses across all industries. This includes but is not limited to retail, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and technology. By outsourcing these services, businesses in Puerto Rico can improve their customer service, streamline operations, and focus on core activities, while leaving customer support in the capable hands of professionals.

The bilingual representatives are trained to handle various customer interactions, such as incoming and outgoing calls, email support, live chat support, social media management, and other forms of communication. They are proficient in providing general customer assistance, resolving complaints or issues, answering product or service inquiries, processing orders, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, being located across Latin America and the United States, these representatives offer cultural and regional knowledge, understanding the specific needs and preferences of customers from different regions. The availability of representatives in various time zones ensures around-the-clock customer support, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.

Overall, the third-party contact center services cater to businesses in Puerto Rico, providing bilingual representatives located across Latin America and the United States. These services accommodate the demands of different industries, empowering businesses to provide excellent customer support and focus on their core operations.